Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day Two: On the Third Strike

Want to know what has happened in the two days since getting back to Austin? Nothing. Not a thing. My thoughts are, three strike and let's get rid of the current leadership.

The legislature has 28 days left until the 3rd call is over (a.k.a the fourth attempt), and they have wasted two days on honoring people’s anniversaries, engagements, and congratulating schools on championships even though they might not be opening next term.

Ok, maybe they are doing what all the lobbyist, advocates, and non-profits are doing… waiting until after the Pink Dome/In the Pink Party is over to actually do something.

It’s true that the House convened 13 committee meetings today and submitted 14 bills for the consideration of the floor and committees, but they also submitted 14 more resolutions honoring people in some way and the Senate is just sitting in a holding pattern until the House does something.

The only highlight is Lon Brunam is once again leading the charge on doing what is right and has submitted a plan for long term solvency to fix the education system in Texas.

Capitol Annex has a laundry list of bills coming in and the text (I am actually kind of scared to see how Vince is keeping up with this). I am keeping my eye on the House and Senate journals but so far they aren’t on the floor past noon. At this point expect most of these bills and all of the constitutional amendments that are proposed to die in committee.

For the first days journal visit here and day two here.


At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Demosthenes said...

What is up with Rep. Goolsby? Is he attempting to be the most vacuous member of the House? That ton of chaff includes nothing noteworthy, aside from HR27... which is just... disturbing...

I hope those are just there to fill up time, AFTER the real business has been done.


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