Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Morning New Round Up

In Austin it’s the same story, different chapter. Legislators from across the state are getting together to talk a lot and do very little. Well, except for Frank Madla who is calling it quits early.

Burnt Orange Report
writes about Rep Lon Bernam’s attempt to legislate real solutions for our schools, business, and individuals.

Having been hit by two “rolling” blackouts yesterday I am going to start calling them what they are—further proof that it is already hot and we need to figure out a renewable source of power NOW. There will be more targeted, rolling blackouts today.

Chip Haas has a blog now. It has long been rumored that Councilman Haas is looking for something new to do when he is term limited out next year, this is just more proof.

May 15th will be the big day for baseball fans in San Antonio because the city has decided to impose a deadline for a Marlin’s commitment.
County Judge Nelson Wolff, the local point man in discussions about the possible relocation of Major League Baseball's Florida Marlins to San Antonio, notified Marlins officials in writing Monday he has imposed a May 15 deadline for the team to commit to a plan to move here.

Wolff's letter concluded with a tongue-in-cheek comment to drive home his point, saying "we need to fish or cut bait by May 15."

County Commissioner Lyle Larson went a step further by criticizing how compulsively the city baits the hook. Larson called for an end to what he termed "groveling" by local officials eager to secure a second major-league team for the city.
And today is a Day with Courage. John Courage and Senator Russ Feingold will be doing multiple events. You should come and if you can’t you should sign up to find out what other events are going on in your area.

Assuming the power stays on, I will have more for you on todays shenanigans.


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