Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roger Owen's Responds to Letter

To say some of us were concerned about Roger Owens would be an understatement, but a few Texas bloggers got together and did what any person would do... we wrote a letter. Kuff has the background, but here is Democratic Congressional Nominee Roger Owens's response:
Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me. If I may, please allow me the opportunity to address some of these concerns.

First and foremost, as Democrats we must adhere to two basic principles. 1: All politics is local. And 2: The party of the people. (The people, as in who our elected politicians represent.) Failure to adhere to these two basic principles could spell defeat. No matter which Party they may belong to.

I have only two goals. 1: To expand the Democratic Party in District One. 2: To get Democrats elected. If you noticed, I made no reference to special interests or lobbyists. To summarize, there is a small number of people in Gregg County who do not share these beliefs. They never cared much for me. And when the dust settled, they was unsuccessful (even in Gregg County) with a low primary voter turnout to defeat me. This should be proof to the perception of these people in Gregg County.

As for my views on gays and lesbians, the only comment I have ever made was in reference to the growth of our Party in District One. These people in Gregg County that I made prior reference to was the only ones who tried to capitalize on this one issue towards my defeat.

You mentioned The Hill reducing my candidacy to that of oddball status. They may be making reference to my disregard towards special interest contributions. Unlike my primary opponent, everything I have is paid for. And I am sure I will have to write a check before November.

In reference to your big tent philosophy, I think I have already covered it.

At this time, (as Bill Clinton has said) let us focus on what we have in common. And that is the defeat of Mr. Gohmert.

With Greatest Respect;


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