Thursday, March 16, 2006

Afternoon News Round Up

There seems to be a lot going on around the state.

Carla Vela Claims Victory in Bexar County Democratic Chair Race

Two candidates were separated by only 301 Votes. With more than 32,000 votes counted, the race for County Chair is a squeaker, with only 300 votes separating the two candidates after early voting and Election Day voting. The provisional and mail ballots counted on March 14 continued the trend, with Vela receiving only one more additional vote than Ramos received.

International ballots postmarked by March 7 can still be counted until March 20, but they are trickling in in very small numbers, so it is unlikely that Ramos will be able to catch up.

Vela, along with the newly elected Precinct Chairs, will take office on May 1.

Chris Bell endorses Boyd Richie for State Party Chair, Tony Sanchez endorses Carole Keeton Strayhorn, and Willie Nelson supports Kinky

Texas Counties are among the fastest growing in the nation, and sadly, the panhandle brush fires have claimed more than a million acres.

Did I miss anything?


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