Thursday, March 16, 2006

Charlie Urbina-Jones States His Vision for TDP

Burnt Orange Report has it first, but San Antonio activist Charlie Urbina-Jones formally announces his "agenda" for the Texas Democratic Party.

His agenda outlines what he would like to see if elected to become the next chair of the party and his general observations of the current party make up. Here is Urbina-Jones' full, unedited agenda:

· Our party should be run from the ground up not the top down. For this state to turn blue we need to win at the local level first. We need to build a strong foundation to support all Democratic candidates regardless of what they’re running for.

· As Democrats we must ensure that all local parties have the necessary resources they need to do their job at the grassroots level, whether it is getting basic office supplies, improving technological resources or providing information for walk lists, phone banks etc.

· As Democrats we must mount a coordinated campaign to help our statewide Democratic candidates defeat the Republicans in November. We can do it and we can win!!

· We need to ensure that every candidate has full access to all resources and technology available from TDP along with the full support of our staff year-round.

· “Our Diversity is Our Strength”, our leadership should reflect this and we should embrace and protect the views of all Democrats. I believe that every Democrat has full and equal ownership of our party.

· We believe that every Democrat should have the opportunity to run if they choose to do so. I intend to offer regular regional candidate training/informational sessions so that regardless of how much candidates can raise they have the basic tools they need to run competitive campaign.

· We need to encourage and support more women to run for elected office. With over 50% of the Texas population being female I believe our elected leadership should reflect this. We will aim high and elect women to the courthouse, the statehouse and eventually the White House.

· We need to find alternative financial resources (from the grassroots to large donors) and keep enrolling sustaining members; many people do not give because they are not compelled to. We need strong leadership, a strong message and an effective statewide infrastructure.

· As Democrats we need to encourage and empower our youth, they are our future. We must mentor and guide them for the benefit of the state and national party.

· With our environment in danger we need to promote business savvy, eco-friendly ideas for legislation in Texas and in DC. We must protect our natural resources now and ensure they exist for our future.

· We need to run a fiscally responsible party, we need to update our procedural process, encourage more dialogue from everyone, use our resources efficiently as well as effectively and be honest with Texas Democrats.

· With a country that has over 1,600 registered religions; 250,000 churches, temples, mosques and synagogues- we are without a doubt a country of faith. We need to protect the rights of all Texans and ensure the ability to pursue our own personal beliefs.

· As Democrats we need to ensure our current elected officials have a way to communicate so they can work together on legislation, local programs, and statewide initiatives. We’re a family; we need to work together as a team and more importantly as Democrats!

· As a party we need to ensure that Democrats from across the state have access to proper assistance in the field.

· As individual Democrats we need to promote, follow and encourage the ideas we support in our Platform. This is who we’ve decided to be, this is our plan…let’s follow it.


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