Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Big Regret- Reps Gallego and Puente Wonder about SD 19

During the run up to the primary it was long speculated that Carlos Uresti would not be the only one challenging Frank Madla in Senate District 19. Now Uresti is being called the Democrat to watch in Texas and Pete Gallego and Robert Puente are second guessing their decision not to run.

Jaime Castillo’s editorial discusses the political hangovers both State Representatives are experiencing.

While Uresti took the hard road and ran against Madla, Gallego and Puente hoped to be crowned the successor in four years.

Puente, like Gallego, believed Madla would be serving his final term in office had he emerged victorious this election cycle. According to Puente's plan, the seat would be open in four years and he would have just as good a chance as anyone to win it.

While Puente and Gallego deferred to Madla, Uresti took the gutsy route and it paid off. He still has to get through the November general election, but most, including Puente and Gallego, believe the seat is Uresti's for the foreseeable future unless he stumbles during a probable first term.

In the end, Gallego and Puente may have “lost” their chances for a promotion, but Texas won on Tuesday. The two representatives have served their districts well for many years, and the fact that they will continue to do so is great for the party. The Democratic Party has a deeper bench for later elections, and has the ability to net more D’s for the 2007 session because of their presence.


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