Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Election Returns!

I am getting set up with some Lone Star tall boys and here we go...

JAB is focusing Ciro Rodriguez versus Henry Cuellar and Frank Madla versus Carlos Uresti.

Here we go! (Numbers Updated as of 11:04 pm)

CD 28- 68 % Reporting
Henry Cuellar- 16,705 or 48%
Victor Morales- 2.145 or 6%
Ciro Rodriguez- 15,408 or 45%

SD 19-84% Reporting
Frank Madla- 15,488 or 43%
Carlos Uresti- 20,191 or 56%

Update 11:01 pm
Time to call SD 19. Carlos Uresti has won. 84% of the precincts are reporting and Uresti has a 13 point lead. I will update the numbers fully tomorrow and update CD 28. Thanks for reading today and tonight.

Update 10:46 pm

So here is the hold up on results for CD 28 and SD 19. In CD 28, the main hold up is obviously Webb county, but we are also waiting for Atascosa, Wilson, and Zapata counties. These are all areas that should go for Cuellar and the concern is by how much.

SD 19 is a bit different Uvalde, Val Verde, and Maverick county should split pretty evenly because of Madla's attempt to destroy the Kinny County ground water district. Doesn't sound like much, but you are talking about peoples drinking water, agriculture base, and their democratic rights to create a governmental organization.

Update 10:34 pm
I really want to call the Uresti race because Shapleigh was so involved in the El Paso part of the campaign, but alas, memories of Florida are filling my head. We are waiting for 25 boxes in Bexar county to know the county positions.

Ciro Rodriguez has apparently sent attorney, supporters, and legal minds to watch the counting in Webb. Unlike 2004, it is very clear that the Rodriguez is not taking anything for granted and are being proactive about this situation. I am going to stay with CD 28 as long as I can tonight.

Update 9:55pm
90% of Bexar County is in and Vela and Kazen have a mere 1 point lead right now and I am still not ready to call it because of Ramos and Salinas's e-day surge. Paul Elizondo is still the County Commissioner of Precinct 2.

The Quorum Report has the latest on the Leininger 5:

Geren 54% to Hatley 43%
Casteel 56% to Macias 44%
Blake 20% to Christian 80%
D Jones 60% to Van Wilson 25%
Merritt 58% to Williams 42%

However, in the Blake-Christian race, the Secretary of State has not reported Nacogdoches early voting. It is the biggest population center in the district and sources tell QR that Blake has won over 60% in early voting

Update 9:35 pm
First, thanks anonymous for the catch. Seeing all the numbers move so quickly can be tricky at times. The gap continues to narrow between Kazen and Salinas (51 to 49 right now) and the county chair race is equally close (Vela 50.6 to Ramos 49.4). Right now we have 70% of the votes counted in Bexar County.

Uresti and Rodriguez have been maintaining their leads all night and nearly 50% of the vote is in for both the SD 19 race and CD 28.

On the statewide front, Radnofsky is moving closer and closer to a run-off and the Associated Press has called it for Chris Bell.

Update 9:10 pm
Down ballot time in San Antonio. Oscar Kazen's lead is being worn down from E-day. Currently Kazen has a 3 point lead but Laura Salinas has out performed today. I am ready to call Court at Law #6 for Ray Olivarri and Peter Sakai has won the 225th judge race. It looks like Joe Farias could win the HD 118 race outright, he is at nearly 56% right now.

It is still close to call on the County Chair race.

Update 8:47 pm
Webb County apparently had some major problems with early vote and the ballots are being counted by hand. This will cause some serious delay's in the CD 28 race. You have to wonder how much attention is going to be paid to this since this is Cuellar's home turf.

Update 8:31 pm
E-day precincts are starting to roll in. BOUT TIME!

Update 7:55 pm
Still just waiting for numbers...

More on HD 73. Put your fears to rest boys and girls, Carter Casteel has moved ahead of Macias and is nearly 11 points ahead now. I will keep my eyes on it, but the Texan of the Year is back on top.

Update 7:20 PM
So far the numbers are not really in statewide, but we are getting a picture in San Antonio. Rather than taking the time to cover too many races by my lonesome here are the highlights from early vote in BEXAR COUNTY.

Carlos Uresti beat Madla in early vote by an astounding 2,000+ votes. Carla Vela is squeaking past Dan Ramos for County Party Chair, Joe Farrias has nearly twice as many votes than all three of his opponents in HD 118 and Oscar Kazan and Peter Sakai are up and Phil Meyers is down for their judge races.

On the Republican side, Carter Casteel has lost early vote to Nathan Macias in HD 73 by a mere 200 votes.


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am ready to call Court at Law #6 for Pat Montgomery and Peter Sakai has won the 225th judge race"

You mean Olivarri. Montgomery was squashed like a bug by DinoCrouch.


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