Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Primary Wrap Up

Here are the final totals. I am going to break down all the match ups and elections today and tomorrow and should have some analysis by the end of the week.

US Senate:
Barbara Ann Radnofsky will be in a run off with Gene Kelley. This was a big surprise of the night since Radnofsky has been campaigning for over a year and yet still didn't crack 50%.

CD 28:
Still not finalized but it looks like Henry Cuellar has won out right with nearly 53% of the vote. I am sure there will be some legal challenges this year, like there was in 2004.

Chris Bell won huge over Bob Gammage and I am looking forward to watching that race.

Lt Gov:
Maria Luisa Alvarado and Ben Grant are in a runoff with both getting about 39% of the vote.

Senate District 19:
Carlos Uresti won big over Frank Madla. While the race isn’t locked by the Secretary of State’s office yet, it looks like Uresti won by over 15 points! I credit this to their solid ground game, great endorsements, and amazing GOTV efforts.

House District 118:
Joe Farias pulled an upset not because he did well, but because he won outright with 57% of the total vote. Looking at the race it looked like Larry Rickett or Pedro Molina would get into a runoff, not so.

Leininger 5:
Carter Casteel looks to have lost by 42 votes to Nathan Macias but there are still mail ballots to be counted and there will be an automatic recount. Wayne Christian won over Roy Blake, but Merritt, Jones, and Geren all defended their seat and Diane Patrick won over Kent Grusendorf.

The Bexar County close races:
Oscar Kazen and Carla Vela won their very close races last night. Both did it by half a point.

Full Bexar County results can be found here, and statewide results can be found here. Thanks again for reading yesterday, it was fun!


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So in terms of the various state organizations who made endorsements in each race, I'd be interested in seeing who made out and who got screwed ... I'm sure it would be a pain in the ass, but extrapolating all the different orgs' bets across a grid like a book sheet would be totally interesting.


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