Thursday, March 16, 2006

Endorsement For Glen Maxey

Like with most things Glen Maxey has done, the grassroots are taking over. Gainesville resident and Maxey supporter Ken Leach announced his support for Maxey today and has begun organizing on the cause.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to hear from you people who think the way things are going in the Texas Democratic Party SUCKS. I have been saying this for the past ten years, but to deaf ears.

The leadershp of the Texas Democratic Party has not rolled up its sleeves and dug in. Too many time they just show up to be introduced.

I believe there is a Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. I think it is worth working real hard to reestablish the kind of leadership we had when Mrs. Randolph was alive. (Boy, am I showing my age.)

We have a chance to get things going again in Texas, IF we elect Glen Maxey Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. I see no other candidate for the office with Glen's trace record of oganizing and fund raising.

I have had some say they do not like Glen for this or that reason. I aske those people to look past the individual and look at what he has done and can do for the Democratic Party in Texas. You do not have to like the man to admire what he can do for Texas Democrats.

I have a yahoo Group of people working independent of Glen Campaign, but with the same goal. Email me at for an invite to join the group.

Glen Maxey may well be Texas Democrats' last hope to slavage their party and start winning elections again.

Ken Leach


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