Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stranded on the Road

I am currently in Tyler working on organizing the Northeast part of the state, and the plan is to drive down to Laredo tomorrow. That is the plan...

I was informed today that my plans may simply have to change because of Hurricane Rita. With Perry calling in the National Guard, the statewide state of emergency, and the current state of Louisiana the state has a "safety and security net" in place. The guardsman that I talked to made it clear that Perry's definition is, "any place that could possibly be affected in a direct or indirect way is subject to state of emergency standards".

I have been looking for a couple hours and I can find the phrase all over the place, but in Texas there is no solid definition for "security net" or "state of emergency standards" except in schools and hospitals.

As Galveston and the Texas coast are evacuating I am encouraged that people are moving swiftly and with concern for the friends and neighbors, but looking at the interior of the state I am confused by the strong guard presence and "lock down" attitude.

Were are the priorities Governor? Why is Tyler so important? Why can't I get home or at least to a city or area with housing and shelter in case of a storm?


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