Thursday, September 08, 2005

DeLay's PAC Indicted in Travis County

Drive Democracy and Quorum Report have the story:

The illegal corporate cash Tom DeLay used to build new protective political levees for the GOP have led to more indictments from a Travis County, Texas, grand jury this morning. If only Bush/DeLay would have put a similar effort into real levees to save real lives rather than enhance and protect their own lust for power.

Indicted was Tom DeLay's political action committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, for the illegal use of corporate money in its campaign to win a majority in the Texas House of Representatives and pull off an unprecedented mid-decade Congressional redistricting plan. A state group, the Texas Association of Business, was also accused in four indictments opened this morning.

Make no mistake: TRMPAC, the political action committee DeLay founded and controlled, day by day and minute by minute, has been formally accused of violating the law in service to DeLay's pursuit of power. He is culpable.

The congressional redistricting plan forced upon the nation (primarily by the DeLay-controlled Texas legislature, control he achieved by giving GOP candidates bags full of illegal money) will now help guard the GOP from deep losses in 2006. TRMPAC spent $600,000 in illegal corporate money in 2002 to gain a majority of seats in the Texas House for Republicans. The Texas Association of Business spent about $1.7 million in illegal corporate money on the same cause.


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