Monday, September 19, 2005

A New Focus

I am not a journalist. I am bias and I like it that way. Besides, the news is well covered in this state by Burnt Orange Report, Greg's Opinion, The Jeffersonian, Off the Kuff, Quorum Report, and The Red State.

I enjoy the feeling of having an opinion based on well found facts and spouting off my two cents as a consultant and political operative.

Now that we have cleared that all up, what does this mean?

I am going to go through the process of changing this blog to be Democratic commentary. There will be a plethora of stories from around the state as I work on campaigns and with candidates. I will focus on the candidates I like, the events I attend, and unsolicited advice to the party, things I would like to see changed in this great state, and advice for the candidates that are running.

You will first notice the new layout (I am not sure I feel about it yet so it could change again) and the lack of ads. I hated the way google ads looked and the things they directed people too. I am also going to rework the links and if you know a good site for me to check out then please let me know (the same goes for local candidates across the state).

My focus is to spread the netroots and grassroots commentary. I am tired of all these talking head consultants that give their opinion but never act or do. I am tired of tireless conjecture from people that sit in their offices, go to meetings, and sit on the phone. I am tired of taking my cues from someone who thinks they are above blockwalking, phonebanking, and actual grassroots field work.

This is going to become more than just another blog, and a voice and megaphone for all those that would like to see and make real change.


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