Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sessions Pushing Bonilla to Run

Burnt Orange Report links up to D Magazine, a Dallas/Fort Worth quick read. The article, while short, hints at the 2006 landscape starting to come together.


Political pundits are guessing how the dominoes will fall if Kay Bailey decides to take on Rick Perry in '06. One theory had Pete Sessions running for her spot--in turn freeing up an open House seat for an up-and-comer (like, say, Dan Branch).

But a Dallas insider says that Sessions has set his sights on another position: chair of the NRCC, which is an internal position elected by the House Republican Conference. (Interestingly enough, Martin Frost held the comparable post for the Democrats in the mid-nineties, during the Republican takeover of the House.) That means Sessions is staying put.

According to our source, Sessions has even promised to support Henry Bonilla if he runs for Hutchison's seat.

The Republican landscape in Texas is shakey at best. According to survey USA Perry is weak.

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Rick Perry is doing as governor?
38% Approve
48% Disapprove
14% Not Sure

I can't see a reason in the world why Kay Bailey would not challenge Perry. If that is the case then there are already two Democrats running for her seat and ZERO Republicans. While the state is a red one there is a shift happening. The once invincible DeLay will be in a fight for his life with Lampson, the urban areas will vote in droves if it looks even slightly competitive, and if the Republican primary is even slightly negative, then Bell supporters will increase the likelihood for an upset.

I am not one to tempt fate, but a perfect storm is a possibility. Sessions realizes this and that is why he is making this early push for Bonilla and a new job with the NRCC. Usher in the new era of Republicans by electing a conservative Hispanic male, and get a new job. Make sense to me; especially with minorities and women trending back to the Democrats.


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