Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday News Round Up

With all this convention stuff it is hard to imagine that actual new was going on. Here is a run down for ya.
  • Karl Rove won't be indicted because of PlameGate, but that doesn't mean he is out of the clear. More importantly, it doesn't mean I have to like him... right?
  • Lamar Smith hates judges and your freedom of speech.
  • Senator Byrd (D-West Virginia) is now the longest serving Senator ever. Like everyone else, he is thinking of running for President and becoming the longest serving executive next. Our favorite Strom Thrumond falls to number two on the list.
  • San Antonio's big debacle right now is going on downtown at Main Plaza. Hardberger wants to modernize it, but the voters want to update Hemisphere Park instead. Roddy Stinson is just poking the Council with a stick.
  • Coffee is saving my liver.
  • Animals really are eating their young.
  • The United States got killed by the Chucks (Czechs) yesterday 0-3. That leaves two must win games or elimination.
  • The Mavs are up 2-0 over the Heat, but since the Spurs aren't playing I don't care.
  • And one last Convention piece, Kuff has some great interviews with Courage, Harrell, Farias, Melancon, etc, etc, etc. Go Listen!
Did I miss anything?


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