Friday, June 09, 2006

State Chair Race

Today Tom DeLay is no more, (Ding Dong the witch is gone…. ) and now we are gearing up to take back the state.

Democrats have rallied in Fort Worth and are working together to elect their party leadership, meet their down ballot candidates, and stock up on enough Democratic garb to last until 2008.

The day has been relatively smooth. The Chair race doesn’t seem as heated as pundits and consultants had though (myself included), and it appears Charlie Urbina-Jones and Glen Maxey’s call for unity and a positive campaign has worked.

There is a strong Richie presence pushing stickers on anyone who moves walks and talks. The Maxey camp looks to be working the nominations committee and working organizational leaders, and I have seen little action from Urbina-Jones.

All four candidates (Lakesha Rogers included) have been getting supporters to give speeches at any and every caucus.

Boyd Richie was also able to turn out enough supporters to vote in the open election to win the Progressive Populist Caucus by a mere 2 votes.

The Coalition of Black Democrats did not make an endorsement, something that was expected to be a big deal endorsement.

At this point is seems like a floor fight is inevitable, but it seems to be a positive campaign about the many talents these men bring to the party.

McBlogger has a take on the PPC endorsement.


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