Thursday, May 25, 2006

2007 Speculation

On May 10th the rumor began circulating, in mass, that Mayor Phil Hardberger would be a one-term kind of guy.

San Antonio has more restrictions on its council than any other major city. We don’t pay them for the hard work they are doing, we will not let them serve more than two, and two-year terms, and we have a spring election when only people like us are paying attention.

Hence, after only one full year as Mayor, the questions are swirling as to who will challenge Hardberger if he decides to run and who won’t run if Hardberger sits a re-election campaign out.

The Express-News had a piece by Greg Jefferson on May 21st outlining the clearly ambitious that will be term limited in 2007.

Jefferson’s analysis is right on but fails to think of any office past Mayor. The candidates mentioned in the article are Richard Perez, Roger Flores, Chip Haas, Art Hall, Kevin Wolff, and Julian Castro.

The candidates most likely to run for Mayor are Perez, Flores, Hall, and Castro. Before going any further, let me say that I think Hardberger runs for re-election virtually unopposed and Roland Gutierrez, Kevin Wolff, and Julian Castro run for the open seat in 2009.

Of the term limited city council members, Perez and Flores are great candidates for state office and should consider running for either state senate or house depending on the 08 landscape. If state senator Leticia Van De Putte or state representative Mike Villareal keep voting with Republican leadership, either Perez or Flores may challenge them. In the off chance that Joe Farias doe not win in 118 then either men would be a strong and viable candidate for the legislature.

Haas should be setting his sites on the slew of offices in the Northeast side of Bexar County- SD 25, HD 121 and 122, and a possible Congressional race.

Hall has the appeal to run for a county position or again look to state house races. His appeal in district 8 cannot be over estimated.

While we as pundits are trying to be more prophet than professional, realize we are making assumptions about 07’s local race and 08’s presidential cycle before this election cycle has really started.

Whether Harberger runs or everyone else does let’s keep our eyes on the ball and win this November.


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