Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush to Address Public on Immigration

President Bush has decided to grace us with his presence in a TV rare appearance tonight at 7 p.m. Bush will lay out plans on immigration from inside the oval office of the White House.

Traditionally, Bush has only discussed terrorism and war from inside the oval office, and tonight will likely be no different. Bush has already given into radical hardliners and will be sending approximately 10,000 National Guard troops to patrol the frontier border between Mexico and America.

Tonight's press stunt appears to show the public and Congress that the Bush administration is still relevant. Congressional leaders and the majority have been drifting away from the President as his poll numbers have fallen, and now that he is barely cracking the 30% mark the communications staff is just trying to show that Bush is doing something.

Mexico's President Vicente Fox has already told Bush that he is nervous about militarizing the 2,000 mile border between US and Mexico, and the Democrats will likely make this yet another issue to discuss during Gen Michael Hayden's hearing to take over the CIA.


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