Tuesday, May 09, 2006

San Antonio is NO Austin

With all this focus on the legislature, I didn’t realize just how busy our elected officials have been in the city of San Antonio, and unlike Austin, they are accomplishing something.

What started as just a proposal in February has become a policy in May. The city council passed a policy that allows hybrids to park for free downtown. With the recent gas spike and relief is a good one. This will also give an incentive for San Antonians to buy a hybrid instead of a huge SUV.

The city has also started floating a bond proposal that would not increase taxes, raise $550 million for road and drainage improvements and would generally help the cities infrastructure. Recently appointed City Manager Sheryl Sculley was quoted in the Express-News saying:
"We need to set up a public process because I strongly believe the citizens should be involved for it to be successful," Sculley said. "The real key is having citizens involved in identifying projects and prioritizing those projects."
Sounds good. No new taxes and improving the notorious roads and sewers of San Antonio? All we need now is a football or baseball team.

I think I know where they might be getting this money though? The city sued online hotel booking agents because they aren’t paying taxes in the Alamo City. Oops, now they will have to answer to City Attorney Michael Bernard.


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