Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bexar County United?

North versus South sounds like a civil war story, but for the past decade it has been the two major segments of the Democratic Party of San Antonio. It has been a feud in every sense of the word.

The northside democrats were widely ignored by “consultant” and the political establishment and the southside democrats typically picked the countywide leaders or were blamed for a bad turnout.

It finally seems like change is in the air.

Last night I attended the Northeast Bexar County Democrats dinner, “Dining with Democrats” and the crowd of 125+ were joined by the party chair Carla Vela, Congressional candidate John Courage, Attorney General candidate David Van Os, State Rep Ruth Jones McClendon, Lt Gov candidate Maria Luisa Alvarado, Land Commissioner candidate VaLinda Hathcock, candidate for HD 122 Larry Stallings, and many more.

Of course there were tons of judicial candidates and sitting incumbents. County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson graced the 125 democrats with a stirring speech on the Democratic Revolution currently going on. Katelyn Werner and Jeremiah Rigsby were shown a moment of appreciation for their hard work in putting together a primary election in a time of conflict and the long time advocates and soul of the party (the women of the Bexar County Democratic Party) were given a round of applause.

It was a night of unity. Something that I have never experience in San Antonio. Larry Balser and Ian Straus put together an evening that is more than a symbol, it was the first sign in a decade that we are truly a united party.

It is true that some consultants want the party to focus on just the south. It is true that some want to rely on the blueist precincts to elect Chris Bell and Barabara Radnofsky and the numerous judicial candidates, but Carla Vela and the Northeast Bexar County Democrats put an event together that shows a larger network.

It is time the party finally becomes more than the 19 individual clubs and two parts of town. It is time that the candidates are not required to pay over priced and ineffective consultants to win. It is time for new leadership to “crash the gate” and unify the party, and last night was the first sign of that in the past decade.

Now it is a matter of the old guard consultants who only work in one part of a huge city to change their ways. It is time for a county wide strategy and a unifed party, and Carla Vela understands that. Let’s sweep the old way and the old losing consultants under the carpet and start winning.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Great to read this, Matt. For too long Bexar County has been dysfunctional for Democrats, but it appears to be coming together just in time to elect a slate of good progressives.

Y'all keep up the good work.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

It was good to see last night and today at the opening of the Courage office.

Carla Vela will be a real uniter and the Young Dems are doing impressive work. I am excited to see what clubs like NEBCD, Tejano Dems, and other can do this cycle.

I think we will will in HD 118, pick a judgeship or two and have good showings in SD 25 and HD 122.

I wish I could say I was a part of this, but as a partisan and campaigner... I am just lucking out on the hard work people are doing across the county.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous charles soechting said...

This is Charles Soechting just telling you how much I enjoyed (actually on several levels) reading about the new Bexar County party. The names in the post are all great D's and when San Antonio comes into play, as it should and could have for a while now, it will be impossible to match for energy and talent. Congratulations. Charles


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