Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Want to Save Twenty Cents?

San Antonio Representative Trey Martinez-Fischer wants to help you do just that. Well… not just that, but twenty cents per gallon every time you fill up your tank for the next 90 days.

Thinking outside the box, Martinez-Fischer got the idea to help his neighbor and every Texan pinched by the exploding price for gas. The idea is to call time out on state gas tax for 90 days during the summer and help families.

Martinez-Fischer hosted a conference call today saying, “this isn’t going to save a family from a financial crisis, but it will help them pay an a/c bill during a hot Texas summer.”

The proposal will use about $700 million dollars of non-appropriated funds, and may be supplemented close to $780 million from a federal government transportation payback.

If we can work this short term solution with long term taxes on industries that make it impossible to find drinkable water and give our kids asthma, we can help now and again in January when the legislature reconviens. Maybe extending the tax cuts for people that buy hybrid or zero emission vehicles?

Gas Tax Cut, the site developed for HB 120, outlines the policy, the facts, and offers some help finding the cheapest pump near you.


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