Monday, May 08, 2006

Repugnant Hypocrisy

(originally inspired by Karl-Thomas at Burnt Orange Report)

There are 31 Democratic Congressional candidates out of 32 seats and how do the incumbents stand up against their Democratic challengers?

Let’s start with the new leader of the Texas Republican Congressional caucus, Smokey Joe Barton.

Barton represents lobbyist, corporation, and special interests more than his constituents. As Vince Leibowitz showed us today, his conflict of interest with the oil companies is creating a “love-hate relationship”. It is important to note, that Barton receives a large chunk of change from the oil and gas lobby and at the same time he serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Conflict of interest? No way, Barton very clearly supports higher gas prices over losing his lobby money.

While Barton loves money, he hates free speech. Barton is the congressional official championing the fight on restricting the internet and making opinions like mine and yours illegal. Net neutrality is complex debate, but like so many complicated things… a lobbyist is behind its inception and the lobbyist found a champion like Barton to lean on.

But what about the people of Texas? How does Congressman Barton feel about them? Simple, if you have $2,000 lying around, you can sit on a train with him. This is Barton's idea of getting in touch with the people.

All in all, Barton loves money. His vice is his love for green and the perks of Congress (Barton is the longest serving member in Texas), and the people of his district are the ones paying for this vice.

Barton is being challenged by David Harris.

Joe Barton isn’t the only bad apple in the bunch, there is also Henry Bonilla. Bonilla is a man of conviction. He opposes immigration reform and disagrees with letting undocumented workers in the United States. Bonilla went on Meet the Press to announce his support for HR 4437 which makes any person who aides, employs, feeds, or clothes an undocumented worker a felon.

A concerned citizen of San Antonio brought up that Bonilla has a Zoe Baird problem. Under the law he is supporting, Bonilla would have made himself a felon by hiring an undocumented British nanny. Another clear example of do as I say, not as I do.

Bonilla is being challenged by Rick Bolanos.

Finally, my favorite hypocrite, Lamar Smith. Smith bought a seat on the House Ethics committee so he could make it more favorable for Tom DeLay. Smith was also a key roadblock on getting lobbying reform past the house. Instead, the house only has to announce who is buying them off 4 times a year instead of once. They can still take trips, meals, money, and favors. Good thing Smith is on the House Ethics committee and is running to become the chair of the house judiciary committee (the group that investigates congress)

Smith, the second longest serving member of the Texas Republican Caucus, has lost touch with his constituents by saying that the national anthem and items of national unity should be in English only. English only? Interesting statement when you district includes over 33% of San Antonio.

It didn’t stop there. The new TX-21 includes one of the largest universities in the nation- the University of Texas. Smith has failed students time and again by reducing pell grants and leaving child behind, that recently more students at UT protested Smith’s visit than attended his lecture.

Smith is being challenged by John Courage.

Why is it that these three Republican’s represent the worst of our current leadership. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. They vote for restricting rights for American’s to work, have a family, use the internet, become educated, and have open government. They are bought by the highest bidder and bail out their friends like Tom DeLay when they get in trouble.

It is time for our elected official to do more than lecture about the moral degradation of America. It is time for them to help try and fix the problem, not be the problem.


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