Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Morning News Round Up

Are you tired from the weekend? It seems like there was more going on this weekend then the whole special session! Here is a quick run down some interesting news.
  • The session gears up again with added pressure.
  • Those close to CD-22 have been writing with a fury about the possible DeLay replacements. There are 7 possible selections and Kuff, Vince, and Jack have the details along with fun photoshop. It is good to see the republican party wants to avoid an election at all cost by having precinct chairs and republican insiders pick the candidate and not the same voters that will go to the polls in November.
  • A Cinco de Mayo baseball game causes a ruckus.
  • Vince selected the best blogs on the right and left this weekend and did an amazing guest post over at Dallas Blog. Thanks Vince for the amazingly kind words! It is a great read and a great way to find new sites.
  • Burnt Orange Report did great analysis on the Shane Sklar and John Courage races and the importance of the netroots.
  • Democrats are on the proactive side of legislating today in Washington as they announce a plan to prevent price gouging by oil companies.
  • The Bush administration wants to play defense today as they announced Gen Michael Hayden to be the new chief of the CIA. Democrats and Republicans are uneasy about a military official is right for spy agency.
  • In sports news, fans are uneasy with Giants' slugger Barry Bonds getting within one swing of the timber to a tie with Babe Ruth's homerun numbers. With two, Bonds becomes second on the all-time career homerun record.
  • The best news of all, the Spurs are up 1-0 over the Mavs in the second round of the playoffs.
What did I miss?


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