Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One Man's Advantage is Another's Speaking Event

I am officially offering my service to Klein High School in Spring or Trinity University in San Antonio. My resume includes on-going political experience and no job title of merit. If you would like me to speak at either graduation cermoney please contact me and

Sounds crazy? Well apparently merely graduating and working a short time in a political office is enough to be able talk to a full room of graduates. Republican candidate George Antuna doesn't have much of a resume, but he was the keynote speaker at the Texas A&M satellite school in San Antonio-- launching the future generation of leaders into the world.

Antuna is been garnering a lot of press lately and been given some odd and advantageous opportunities. I can’t figure it out either. Why is the FORMER political staffer and currently unemployed candidate (a man who has told voters he is a butcher) talking to college graduates in an economically disadvantageous area? Time to inspire them George. Tell them your success story.

Democratic candidate Joe Farias has shown true integrity during this. The Express-News’ blog Strange Bedfellows quote Farias saying, "Nothing surprises me or upsets me," Farias said. "I feel more for the elected officials of that area that should've been invited to speak but weren't."

The most striking thing is that the district has close to 50% of the CPS retirees, has a largee veteran population, and has schools in need of leadership like Carlos Uresti.
I have been told Farias has worked with and for CPS, he is a veteran, he has served three terms as a Harlandale Board member. Most importantly, Farias won out right in a four man primary, while Antuna had to go to a runoff.

With a resume like Farias, Antuna could use all the help he can get for the November election.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Will said...

Just for the record, the Antuna runoff wasn't such a big deal. He missed winning outright by about a dozen votes, and the runoff forced him to go out a campaign more agressively, which only let more voters meet him. He ended up winningt the primary with more than 81% of the vote anyway.

It's safe to say that Antuna's resume is much more impressive than Farias'. After all, Farias isn't a college graduate. Why should he speak at a college graduation ceremony?

Working for both Hutchison and Perry, even if you don't agree with them politically, is quite a bit of experience in government. Antuna has also worked for Frito Lay and USAA.

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Antuna met even more voters for the runoff huh?

Too bad even fewer turned out for the run-off than for the primary. What does that say about the man's campaign skills? And he's running in a 55% Democratic district?

Wow. Pathetic.

Of the many things, Antuna's not, he's also not a veteran... so according to your logic he should stop showing up to Veteran's events.

Which might not be a bad idea for Georgie. Then he could stop being embarrassed when no veterans want to line up and take a picture with him.

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Will said...

Although 118 is a 55% democratic district, it is obvious to anyone paying any atttention at all that democrats are not excited about Joe Farias. He's no Carlos Uresti, and he doesn't have the same potential to rally the troops. Farias will win the Southside of the district because of the D after his name, but great inroads will be made by a hispanic republican who will work for every vote. Not to mention, the northside of the district, which is the fastest growing section, is heavily Republican. Farias might very well get no votes from that part.


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