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HD 118- Antuna supports Leininger

House District 118 has not voted for a Republican since before the dawn of man. Over time it has be redrawn to be a tight 54% Democratic district and pundits are saying George Antuna might just be the first Republican to win in 118 even though it took a runoff to become the candidate (unlike Joe Farias).

Yesterday the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Candidate Conversation” to ask a few questions and get a first hand look at the difference between Joe Farias and George Antuna.

Shockingly Antuna came out boldly and publicly for a state funded voucher program after a session that did nothing to help schools.

A source in the Farias campaign has this to say about Antuna’s questionable political call.
Now it's no surprise to any of us that a Republican candidate in Texas would be supporting school vouchers. Except Antuna has been described as a cross between Frank Madla and Joe Straus- a moderate Republican willing to work across party lines in a 54% Democratic district. Yet with Antuna's firm support for school vouchers, and believe me there was no wishy-washiness about it, it seems his mantle of 'moderate Republican' has been forsaken.
Conservative Antuna appears to be showing how far removed he is from the ideology of HD 118. By supporting a scheme that will “cripple our public schools”, Antuna, is saying he opposes teacher pay raises, new text books, increased funding for school facilities, and increases in property taxes to pay the difference. Why? It is impossible for the state to subsidies a $5,000 (or more) private education and still fix the problems caused by the education funding cuts created by Madla, Gov Perry, Lt Gov Dewhurst, and the rest of the Republican leadership.

Let’s say only 1,000 people want to use this program in the ENTIRE state of Texas (foolish I know). The increase in spending for private education would be $5,000,000. Would you vote for a candidate that would have paid me to go to Trinity University instead of helping your child? I didn’t think so. It is not the job of the state to fund private institutions.

The same source summed up their feeling on Antuna’s campaign.
As a matter of fact, Antuna's entire campaign seems to be centered around the fact that he (briefly) lived in the voter-rich, Democrat heavy Southside of HD-118 and that he's Mexicano. As if Democratic lifers will not only switch parties, but vote for a hard right-winger, just because the Republican running has a Latino surname.
Antuna’s public statement should be of concern. What usually happens when a radical conservative dictates a plan that would harm our children and schools? James Leininger funds their entire campaign in the tune of around six figures.

Again, the source:
Antuna's no moderate. That's why the San Antonio Police Officer's Association, the Texas State Teacher's Association, the Texas Federation of Teacher's, the Texas League of Conservation Voters and other organizations and individuals have already come out and endorsed Joe Farias.


At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, the word you were looking for was "subsidize," not "subsidies." (Using a plural noun as a verb never helps your case.)
Also, at a school like Harlandale, it cost more than $7000 to educate a child. If you remove that child and $5000, the public school is left with one less student and an extra $2000. Isn't it surprising how instituting school choice could actually help public schools?

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

True my spelling is a bit rough. I guess that private education didn't pay off. I am sure glad the state didn't have to pay for it.

If the state pays for students to go to PRIVATE schools, who gets the STATES money?

It also means that the STATE is PAYING MORE money to send fewer students to school.

The $5K number was pulled from thin air because nobody has done a fiscal marker for state funded private schools. Why? Few support it. Want proof? Look at what happend to Education Chair Kent Grusendorf.

What has been proven is that it is more expensive and helps less people to do a state funded voucher program.

I am glad you are posting all over my site tonight Anonymous. It has allowed me to learn who you support for 118, that you are very very conservative, you make fun of people calling them a pot smoker, and that you are friends with anti-choice, pro-government types like Leininger.

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous mcblogger said...

Given what has happened in voucher test markets, two thinbs are abundantly clear.

1) Real people, even with vouchers, can not afford to send their kids to private schools.

2) When more money is available to schools, relative to the number of students, those schools do better.

Money, folks, and more of it is the answer to the problems with public schools.

School choice is a misnomer because EVERY parent has the right to send their kid to any private school they'd like.

At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Will said...

I am very confused as to why you would think Dr. Leininger is "anti-choice" and "pro-government." Although I do not have any personal affiliation wiht the good doctor, I know that he wants to give parents more choice in education and keep our inefficient government from running schools that children are forced to attend.

Private schools are not affordable to many parents, but vouchers can change that, but I agree that more money and fewer students would help public schools. As I explained, vouchers, when used properly, would give public schools both of those things. The government spends more on public school students than private schools do on their students, and everyone knows which schools have better results.

School choice is an appropriate name because it indicates that the government will help parents have real choices. Everyone has the right to choose a private education, but poor families can't afford it. School choice supporters want to let poor children attend the same schools as rich kids. Promoting equality, what a great idea!

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous... You're an idiot.

- Real Anonymous.


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