Wednesday, March 01, 2006

James Leininger and the Leininger Five

From Quorum Report:

Since Jan. 1, the Leininger Five have raised the following from their principal, according to TEC filings. San Antonio businessman Dr. James Leininger has now contributed more than $2.3 million to fund pro-voucher candidates. The incumbents are in parenthesis:

  • Mark Williams (Tommy Merritt, Longview, HD 7) – raised $527,381.11.--$504,886.11 from Leininger or 95.7 percent.
  • Wayne Christian (Roy Blake Jr., Nacogdoches, HD 9) – raised $367,687.94-- $342,056.94 from Leininger or 92.8 percent.
  • Nathan Macias (Carter Casteel, New Braunfels, HD 73) – raised $475,886.62 -- $448,684.87 from Leininger or 94.3 percent.
  • Van Wilson (Delwin Jones, Lubbock, HD 83) – raised $440,988.60 -- $395,599.80 from Leininger, or 89.7 percent.
  • Chris Hatley (Charlie Geren, Fort Worth, HD 99) – raised $223,806.33 - $174,912.23 from Leininger, or 78.2 percent.

In addition, Leininger has spent $495,000 this year to protect a handful of Republican incumbents through The Future Of Texas Alliance PAC. Those incumbents include: Reps. Leo Berman (R-Tyler), Betty Brown (R-Terrell), Scott Campbell (R-San Angelo), Rob Eissler (R-The Woodlands), Joe Crabb (R-Atascocita), Dan Flynn (R-Van), Charlie Howard (R-Sugar Land), Ken Grusendorf (R-Arlington), Fred Hill (R-Richardson), Anna Mowery (R-Fort Worth), Larry Phillips (R-Sherman), Elvira Reyna (R-Mesquite) and David Swinford (R-Dumas).

All of those Republicans with the exception of Eissler, Hill and Howard also appeared on a list of endangered incumbents circulated this month.


At 5:14 AM, Blogger Gritsforbreakfast said...

Wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen a half million dollar campaign war chest where 95% came from one person. (Maybe self-financed ones, but not ANOTHER person.) You'd think voters would balk at electing a poltical marionette, but that's what you'd be if you were elected under those circumstances because when somebody runs against you next time, you're dead without Leininger's support.


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