Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rumors and Speculation

Here is your time for rumor and speculation. As one writer put it, the propaganda is flying.

As I wrote yesterday, everything seemed calm and the positive campaign Glen Maxey and Charlie Urbina-Jones asked for seemed to be happening.

However, this morning there was a turn.

Rich Bailey was appointed as Co-Chair for the important Nominations Committee. The appointment was made three weeks ago and confirmed last night. This morning five minutes before the committee met, Bailey (a Maxey supporter) was pulled from the committee and replaced.

The committee ended up voting to endorse ALL four candidates as opposed to the expected Richie nomination. The other option usually taken is a resolution of non-recommendation.

Maxey and Urbina-Jones supporters seem to be staying positive, and the Lakesha Rogers supporters seem to be literally singing.

There are over 100 districts with no representation so there is no way to gage how the vote will go down.

With no single nomination and the hard campaigning being done by every candidate, the pundits are saying that there will 2 ballots (the second being a runoff).


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