Saturday, June 10, 2006

State Party Chair Vote- Live Blog

We have just been told to sit in our delegation. The vote is about to occur. Hank Gilbert (candidate for the state Agriculture Commission) it speaking now, but clearly the vote is about to occur.

The round of speakers is Richie, Maxey, Urbina-Jones, and then Rogers.

Richie is being introduced by the second youngest rep Anna Hernandez. A benefit being mentioned is his devotion to the party and the fact that his wife will make a good "co-chair".

Richie is being mentioned as unifier.

Richie filed this race when former chair Charles Soechting was still in office (last October), and the "good work" done by Richie are being listed as updated voter files, a new site, etc.

Mark Veasey is now up to second Boyd Richie's nomination. He is highlighting the "vision" Richie has and his ability to listen to others. Rep Veasey is also highlighting the opportunity we have with the current list of Republican failures.

Nominee Boyd Richie is now talking. He is asking for us to unite behind our ticket, beat Republican's, and make the changes to make it happen. In 6 weeks he is touting the work done by Soechting and ED Ruben Hernandez before the SDEC named him interim chair.

Richie has just announced $300,000 in new funds and a 70% increase in funding. We now have 60,000 e-mail addresses and during the legislative session the TDP targeted key Republican districts to talk to voters about how Republican leadership has hurt children and families.

The question we need to ask ourselves, according to Richie, is who will unite our party. Who will be the one to win in November and beyond.

Now we are moving into Maxey speakers. Maxey speakers are highlighting his character and his statewide organizing skills.

The loud Maxey supporters have made it hard to hear all of the speeches in support for Maxey. He has had former party leadership, state reps, student supporters, and unions supporters.

As Maxey approaches the crowd has now erupted into chants of Maxey and there is a modest standing ovation.

Maxey begins with the Kelly Fero quote on how irrelevant the party has become. Maxey responds with a list of why the party is relevant and how he would work to make our party stronger and more relevant.

He is focusing on the valley, El Paso, etc, and how a 254 County strategy will make a difference. According to Maxey, it is time for small donors, community outreach, and an articulation on our successes. It is time to empower the youth.

As Maxey announces his plan and leaves, the chants and far louder than before and the whole place is on its feet. Before this speech it was Richie's to lose... it looks Maxey has made this a very close race.

Charlie Jones supporters are up now. The crowd has calmed down a lot as the support speeches occur. As Nancy Russell announces her support for Jones, Eddie from The Red State says "hi all."

The battery is getting low. We have Jones' speech and the Rogers round up. If I lose the battery I will get an update as soon as I can find a plug.

On that note, here comes Charlie.

Jones, lays out a plan for a bottom up rather than a top down party structure. His goal is to completely empower the grassroots to make changes.

Unlike Maxey and Richie, Jones wants to focus more on physical field work and less on technology that some may not have.

Rogers is up now, and I will not be writing about these speeches. However the chair has told the crowd we believe in free speech and I couldn't agree more.

The Delegates are now getting instructions from Ken Molhberg on voting process.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Updates? Gotta go the NN panel but this is killing me guys! Even Jerome and Markos asked how it was going...

At 7:55 AM, Blogger mariochampion said...

its not $300,000 in new funds, its $300k in "committments" per the literature and the speech -- accuracy counts!

keep up the great work,

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

Thanks for the clarification. Liveblogging was very hard with so much meat and so much noise.

However, I have to say that is still impressive... let's hope it pans out.


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