Wednesday, February 22, 2006

6 Days Later

The Elena Guajardo saga continues as organizers are asking for San Antonio citizens to show their support to attend tomorrow’s council meeting.

Last week, Allen Ellebracht lobbied the council to force Guajardo to step down. He gave a week before he initiated a recall effort. The San Antonio City Charter does not seem to allow for a recall effort but with city council members only serving two years before the municipal elections, this could affect Guajardo’s chances for re-election.

Guajardo supporters have been circulating the following information.

We know we can fill the Council Chambers with supporters of Elena, because Elena stands up for us every week as a strong representative of our communities. Right now, she needs us.

The vicious attacks against Elena right now by some local media (Express-News, ClearChannel-owned WOAI radio and TV, and KSAT 12) have to stop! These media outlets have taken advantage of an tragic situation to publicly and unjustly attack Elena – because she is a strong progressive woman who stands up against injustice.

Former City Council member Maria Berriozabal added this:

Elena broke a silence. She simply said this is not right. She did not seek media attention. Yet television stations, radio stations and some newspaper columnists have made it a big issue. The TV stations have even given the phone number for the man who has been attacking Elena and who has said he will continue to attend City Council until Elena resigns. Those who have spoken at Council have used hateful speech towards Elena and even threatened her and yet he has not been stopped. When I was on City Council we had a policy that no personal attacks could be made against ONE member. Mayor Cisneros would quickly nip any such reference in the bud. This Council should do the same thing. One thing is to passionately disagree on votes to be taken; another is a personal attack - which this has become.

We have to not only show support for Elena but we have to show the media and San Antonio that they cannot tolerate this. We told Elena we would support her when she got elected and this is what we need to do. As Latinas, we have to be present and be counted. This is not the time for silence...

Those who oppose Guajardo have been commenting on this forum and have made their support known for Ellebracht.

Tomorrow’s city council meeting will begin at 6pm and those who wish to comment on this matter or any other should be there at 1pm.


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