Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Donna Howard Wins in Landslide

Not long ago there was a runoff election in House District 48. Only 13,556 people voted and Donna Howard was a mere 73 votes away from winning out right. The Democrats claimed nearly 60% of the total vote in a district that was drawn to be 57% Republican.

Democrats rejoiced. We all came together and cautious optimism filled the air.

Now it is Valentines Day and as of 9:30 only 32of 39 precincts are in. Donna Howard has handily beaten Ben Bentzin and his negative campaign. 21,899 votes have been cast thus far, and Donna did the impossible... she won nearly 60% again. At this point it is 58% for Howard and 42% for the corrupt Bentzin.

Donna Howard has won. Travis county is one seat away from having full Democrat representation for state offices. Now we must turn our attention to HD 106 and Katy Huebner and taking back the state.


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