Monday, February 13, 2006

John Courage: DC Wrap Up

I couldn’t bring myself to look at my computer yesterday. The countless e-mails that I need to respond to, the dying battery pack for my laptop, the RSS feeds I need to catch up on… it was all too daunting.

Today, I am sifting through my life and in doing so realizing how much the Courage Campaign accomplished in 4 days.

John Courage, Nick Lawrie, and I attended meetings with over 20 groups, garnered support from nearly all of them, received two major donations and set up multiple fundraisers, talked with strategist and consultants, and have set up two more trips to DC.

Not to bad in my opinion.

The main goal now is raise money. The district looks good and people across the country are excited about the race, but to move from a campaign to watch to a targeted race John needs to raise some bucks.

The National Committee for an Effective Congress is donating their data, American Federation of Teachers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are donating substantial funds and throwing a fundraiser, and everyone from Trial Lawyers to consultants are give John and Nick leads to raise the profile of the race.

I don’t do this often, but donate, donate, donate. Match the efforts of DC and send some money to put Courage in Congress. Regardless of whether you are in the district, the state, or anywhere across the glob, John Courage needs your support to retire Lamar Smith.

In just a few weeks, Nick and John are going back for another round with labor unions and affinity groups. Send them back with some cash in their pockets and let’s elevate this campaign to a new level.


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