Monday, February 06, 2006

Boyd Richie is Campaigning for State Party Chair

There has been rumors a buzz about Boyd Richie withdrawing his candidacy for State Party Chair. What does the man do to clarify the rumor? He sends out a mass e-mail explaining who he is and what he intends to do.

Oddly, he is campaigning for the job before the March 7th primary. Why is this so odd you ask? You always ask such good questions.

This is a striking way to become state party chair because we don’t know who is going to the Senate Convention let alone the State Convention in June. A smart party official would wait until the Senate District Conventions are over to get a compiled list of the a thousand or so people to campaign to, instead of every Democratic Primary Voter. What is more effective? Campaigning to a couple 1,000 people to campaign to or hundreds of thousands.

Yeah, I agree.

Boyd Richie’s campaign and platform reads like a been there done that blast e-mail. He is an SDEC member much like Charles Soechting and has been elected to something before. Super, that is all I need to support someone to lead an entire state party. GO RICHIE GO!

His platform is:

· Knows that Democrats from all walks of life bring a richness and diversity to our Party that will allow us to build an organization whose message persuades and motivates our fellow Texans to vote Democratic.
· Will spend all the time needed to contact and meet with potential donors, build an enhanced large donor base as well as the critical small donor base needed to fund our party's day-to-day operations.
· Is committed to hiring an expanded professional field and communications staff that knows how to use today's technology, works with Democratic organizations in every community and provides them with the tools and information to deliver our message and turn out the vote.
· Will direct party staff to work with local party leaders and Democratic officeholders to deliver a timely, motivational message drawing a sharp contrast between our Democratic values and the corrupt "pay to play" Republican leadership, a message delivered not just to statewide press, but also to local community and minority media.

So, it’s a value statement, something that is required by the Party Chair, something already in existence, and something being developed and run by the DNC and current TDP staff.

Great! Richie and Dan Ramos should get together and write out platforms more often.

I am all for people running for State Party Chair, but I want people with different experiences than just one side of the game. I want some one who shows me management and fundraising ability. I want a person who understands what the job really entails and knows what is needed. I want someone who is novel and thinks outside of the box on technology infrastructure and candidate recruitment. Most importantly, I want someone who will grow the party into the reddest of red counties and make this state the southern blue Mecca.


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post on early campaigning slamming Boyd Richie is accompianed on your blog page with an add for draft Glen Maxey for state chair. Now one could argue that Glen is NOT behind the the draft Maxey movement, but that seems naive to me.

How ironic or hypocritical.

Can you tell us if you are part of the draft Glen Maxey movement or do you just support him?

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

I do support Glen Maxey for Party Chair, but he has not thrown his name out there for a nomination. I don't consider this a slam on a Richie nomination, but my thoughts on it. Of those that have started campaigning... Richie is the best.

However, my experience has been that those that win, do not announce until after the Senate District Convention.

I do not think it is hypocritical or ironic to post on an issue that I think is important and accept independent revenue from the TEXAdS network.

I have been very clear in my support for Glen and have said that I am very bias towards that nomination.

If you look at the posts on the race through out the blog you will see that time and again.

If you have insight on this or other races... post away.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger YaGottaLoveIt said...

I got the email you referred to, but it wasn't sent by Boyd Richie. Latrice Sellers (the District 20 SDEC Committeewoman) had apparently asked him for information on his campaign and Richie emailed the campaign flyer to her. She then forwarded it, without Richie's knowledge. The email I received was from Latrice Sellers, not Boyd Richie.


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