Wednesday, February 08, 2006

John Courage in DC: Day 2 VETPAC

We are all starting to bustle about this morning. John is in the shower, Nick is sleeping on the floor, and Fran Vincent is trying to figure out how we will get more hot water.

Today is focused primarily on VETPac, but of course we have a few meeting sprinkled in for flavor. We will be meeting with the 52 veterans running for office as Democrats today and talking about how the Democratic Party is the party of Veterans and John Courage is the candidate to end this culture of corruption and apathy.

There is no VA hospital south of San Antonio, Lamar Smith has had 18 years to fix this problem and what has he done?

As a Veteran, John is excited for today. We will meet great men who served our country in times of war and crisis and want to continue that service in Congress. For some it will be an uphill fight, but nothing that these 52 men cannot handle.

I will be blogging more today so stick around. Your comments are great and I will try and get something up later from John and Nick. Once I get back I will try and catch you all up on what has happened this week across the state, but for now… this is your one stop shop for John Courage!


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Madeleine said...

Get some good pictures of John with Max Cleland and the rest of those guys!!!

... and like Sonia said, have fun!


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