Wednesday, February 22, 2006

JAB Endorsements!

Let me start with saying sorry for the delay. My computer died for the third time in a month and for all intensive purposes, I now have a completely new laptop! Ugh…

Now it is time for the real show. Yesterday was the start of early voting, and the beginning of the Democratic Revolution. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but looking over the endorsements I realized we are in a good place this year. Donna Howard has already won, Katy Huebner is in a good place for February 28th, and we have solid candidates up and down the ballot.

I am going to list the endorsements by position on the ballot and I encourage you to agree or disagree with any and all of them.

Barbara Radnofsky

US Congress District 28
Ciro Rodriguez

Bob Gammage

Senate District 19
Carlos Uresti

House District 118
Joe Farias

County Chair
Carla Vela

County Commissioner Precinct 2
Paul Elizondo

These races I have followed closely. I do not make any attempt to endorse in races that I have either no knowledge of either candidate or only know one side of the story.

Judge, 225th District Court
Judge Peter Sakai

Judge, County Court at Law #6
Judge Phil Meyer

Judge, County Court at Law #9
Oscar J. Kazen


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Garfina said...

I am so pleased that you endorsed Bob Gammage. Bob has the experience and the grit to make us a fine governor.

By grit, I do not mean that he would take a wholly uncompromising position but rather that he has the wisdom to distinguish between true compromise and submission. I think that is partiuclarly important nowadays in Texas's rancorous political environment.

I also like his stance on economic issues. I think he will represent me--an average middle-class Texan--far better than will the other major candidate, without completely forgetting about the poor and the working poor. That is important to me because I spent my childhood in such situations and I do not want anyone completely forgotten. Therefore, I'm proud he supports a rise in the minimum wage.

I also admire his intense devotion to ridding Texas politics of the influence of the big-business special interest groups who so totally control things now.

Great call, Matt

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous stan81747 said...

Great call on endorsing Bob Gammage! I hope to have in my life to have as much integrity, honesty, and openness cumulatively that Bob has in his little finger.

Stan Davis

At 10:55 PM, Blogger OlTx said...

I appreciate the fact that you followed the races and made your own recommendation.

I see the conventional wisdom being echoed in too many newspapers and other blogs.

The conventional wisdom that compliance is the path to majority hasn't gotten us very far in the past decade or so. I think Democrats and progressives need to declare their principles with passion, with the knowledge that the things we believe in also are cherished by most Americans.

Bob Gammage is a man of courage and conviction and would make a worthy governor at a time when Texans need a strong leader with the demonstrated ability to stand against the corruption that has done such damage to our state. Thanks for adding your endorsement to the many who are choosing Bob Gammage.

At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Debs said...

Endorsing Bob Gammage was the right call. He's got the integrity, the determination to follow through with ending the dirty politics as usual, and the experience because he's done it before. He lives his life as a model to what he says he'll do and will be the best change for Texas.

At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob disappointed me today, with the negative attacks on Chris Bell about his financial disclosure.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger WheelWrite said...

What financial disclosure would that be?

As I understand it, more than a week after they were due, Bell was the only governor candidate who hadn't made the required disclosure.

When Bell ran for the Houston City Council, and he DID file a disclosure, he publicly contemplated filing formal complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission against any candidate who hadn't filed by the deadline.

To wit:
"A representative of the Bell campaign indicated complaints against the other candidates vying for Councilman John Peavy's seat may soon be filed with the Austin-based Ethics Commission."
--Houston Chronicle 1/1/1997


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