Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union Recap

This ends the State of the Union triumvirate. The speech was impressive in the sense that it was the exact opposite of the 4 before it. Granted… by the end, the drinking came claimed me as a captive with out parley.

Tonight’s speech was so defensive. It wasn't the usual, bold, imaginative, naïve policy that the Bush administration usually promotes. There was no Mars policy. There was no Social Security privatization. Hell, there was no axis of evil! Instead it was Ken Lay after day one of the Enron trial. It was Alberto Gonzales after illegal wiretaps. It was Rick Perry after Hurricane Rita.

I want my naïve policy to make fun of for the next year. I feel robbed!

Instead we saw a defense of illegal wire tapping. Still illegal, but now they are defended in a State of the Union and a month of public relation junkets. So, now we have more defense of something 54% fine morally irreprehensible.

We heard more defense of Katrina. The guy flew over and said, “Good Job Brownie!” How do you defend that? You can rebuild the levees, schools, and French Quarter, but you can’t take back the fact that you totally ignored the warnings and then FLEW OVER IN AIR FORCE ONE.

The best was hearing his huge policy announcements on energy independence and health care reform. Energy... reform… that sounds familiar. Oh yeah, the Democrats have been talking about solar, wind, and renewable energy since Eisenhower. We have been talking about decreasing our dependence on foreign oil since Clinton, and now, the Republican’s think they are coming up with something?

At least he brought up his Social Security defeat. That was just funny. Maybe by the time Bush is done with his third lame duck term, I will have a hoverboard. I have wanted one of those since Back to the Future 2 came out.

Worst State of the Union ever. I don’t even have anything to make fun of!


At 8:45 PM, Blogger Subcomandante Bob said...

National Nitwit has the inside scoop of a bold new plan by the President in his speech that will truly be a great leap foward.


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