Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monday News Recap

A lot happened yesterday. Here are just a few of the headlines you need to know about from yesterday.

-The Democratic Party is spineless. The cloture vote (the vote that forces or prevents a filibuster) passed 75-25. Keep in mind that 44 people said they will vote against Alito today, and 41 votes will force the fillibuster.

-Today the court becomes the third Republican dominated branch as the Senate is set to confirm Samuel Alito.

-John Kerry announces he has $10 Million to re-run in 2008 if he wants to.

-The Enron trial has officially started, a jury is selected, and opening statements begin today.

-San Antonio Express News launched a blog on only the Congressional District 28 race.

And this is only the stuff that interests me... who knows how much real news was actually out there yesterday!


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