Monday, January 30, 2006

Wesley Clark Love

Eddie over at The Red State has been loving on House District 32 lately, and I can't blame him. You get the former NATO Supreme Commander (sweetest title ever) Wesley Clark and a young up and comer in Juan Garcia all in the same place.

Wesley Clark has been on my guys to watch list for 2008, and every week it seems there are more and more reasons to move him up the list. We have John Kerry, John Edwards,Mark Warner, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton as the clear front runners right now. But I really like Clark and I am keeping my eyes on Tom Vilsack (his candidacy alone would negate the Iowa effect).

Clark has a stellar resume, great presence, and now a 20 minute piece circulating the web. Check this out. With Presidential Cycles coming earlier and earlier... it is interesting that this came to me with a preface of, "Democrats love him, Independents vote for him, and Republican's have nothing bad to say about him".

Seem like the internet loves Wes Clark.


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I certainly do love the General! And I'm just a Veteran and a reformed Republican who doesn't buy the current Neocon Bush*t!

Wesley Clark, if the Democrats are smart, would take Osama-Been-Long-Forgotten-except-to-put-fear into-the-American-electorate out of the Bush political toolkit. Then maybe, we can get down to the real business of running this country.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

anonymous, I wish you would tell the world you what you really felt.

I wonder how many times we will hear Iraq, Iran, or Sadam tonight compared to the frequency we will hear Osama, Afganistan, or the Taliban.

Thanks for the comment A.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Michael Martin said...

Clark has a lot of reasons to support him in 2008: a pro-military with an anti-war stance, his photogenic qualities, his experience as NATO allied commander. I really hope that he does decide to run, but also having attractive candidates such as Edwards and Warner there makes it hard for a discerning Democrat to choose.


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