Thursday, January 26, 2006

Filibuster Alito

Everyone is saying that Samuel ScAlito is all but assured confirmation... why? We must defeat the anti-choice, anti-congress, pro-king George, pro-activism ScAlito. If the Senate cannot defeat him, they must filibuster him.

Others have the story at The Agonist, Common Sense, The People's Republic of Seabrook, Eye on Williamson County, , By the Bayou, and Brain's and Eggs.

The filibuster was created to protect the will of the minority from the oppression from the extreme will of the majority.

Ironically, the majority disagree with over turning Roe (Alito would overturn Roe), the majority disagree with the use of illegal wiretaps (Alito wants a King, not a President), the majority oppose activist judges (Alito would be replacing a swing/moderate judge with his well documented conservative ideology that is so far of the mainstream that he was picked after the far-far-far wing of the Republican machine torpedoed Harriet Miers).

The definition for allowing a filibuster is the creation of an extraordinary situation. Samuel Alito is so far out of the mainstream and so young, that he will tip the focus of the court for the next 30 years! Filibuster Alito!


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