Friday, January 20, 2006

Republican's Eat Their Own Part 2

In the Pink Texas has more on the Republican "in-fighting". It's a nice way of saying the Craddick push for the far-far-far rights goal of eventually ruling the world.

Watching Craddick, Perry, and Dewherst work is like watching old episodes of Pinky and the Brain. It is too easy to picture Perry and Craddick asking each other what they are doing this off season, only to respond in unison, “same thing we do every year, try to push out open-minded legislators”.

The Democrats have a real shot at picking up a handful of seats in the state legislature, but Craddick isn’t focused on taking out more than three or four of the 63 Democrats. No, he is focused on taking out seven or eight of the moderate or “independently minded” republican’s.

The focus is to push through a voucher system, cut state employ benefits by privatizing state agencies, and gobbling up local authorities. Craddick sucks!


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