Monday, January 30, 2006

Bexar County Chair Candidate: Dan Ramos

Dan Ramos actually made an appearance at the Senate District 25 meeting in San Antonio this weekend. His treasure is John McConnell, the hawk on Roberts Rules of Order.

After early confusion on whether Ramos would be on the ballot, he is now campaigning across the city.

Ramos was the first candidate I have actually heard speak, although Carla Vela’s candidacy was an absolute assurance.

Ramos called for a push to run more judges and win back the judgeship majority across the county, end all consultant involvement, develop the Bexar County Party as a grassroots organization, and recruit new precinct chairs and fill vacancies.

His general goal is to have a monthly meeting with the County Executive Committee (CEC) and activate a strong precinct base.

I have not heard Carla Vela speak nor have I heard her platform yet. I am not endorsing either candidate at this point, but Ramos’s ideas are both wonderful and terrifying.

First off, consultants are not bad. There are not very many good ones in San Antonio, but looking at Austin and Houston, consultants are the reason why coordinated campaigns work, Hubert Vo is in office, and Bill White was uncontested.

There is also a lack of real action. Yes, we need precinct chairs. Yes, we need the county chair to be a facilitator of the CEC, but the County Chair needs to build depth to the candidate list in the county, raise money, and actually develop a long term strategy. We cannot singularly focus on making our procedure is correct.

If you know anything about Carla Vela, please let me know…


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carla vela
Chair, bexar county democratic party

I’m currently employed by Prime Time Newspapers. I have been a Senior Account Executive for over 7 years and I sell advertising for 18 publications in the Clear Channel Communications Group.

Serving as:
1st Vice Chair State Tejano Democrats
Chair, Bexar County Tejano Democrats
Chair, Matt Garcia Mexican American Democrats
President, First Friday Network
Precinct Chair 3048
Delegate, State Democratic Convention
Co-Chair, Walter Mondale Campaign for President
President, Womens Club
Vice President, PTA
has allowed me to see that the one thing that is missing from all these activities is UNITY as a cohesive fabric thoughout Bexar County.

My lifelong passion has been minority issues and a gaining a place at the table. My intention is to bring not only the democratic party together but also to bring labor into the fold--your expertise in organizing is needed and your help in bringing everybody in will be greatly appreciated.

As County Chair I plan to unite all areas of Bexar County, the various Democratic clubs, unions, and as many neighborhood associations as possible, with my ultimate goal being the creation of a unified voting block. With the proper functioning of the County Executive Committee and the necessary precinct chairs in place we can finally get down to the business of the Democratic party and the full participation of the people.


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