Monday, December 19, 2005

Wilderness Society- Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling

Take Action -- URGENT!!
Arctic Refuge Drilling Added to Unrelated Defense Bill -- Your Calls Still Needed

Last night pro-drilling members of Congress took the outrageous step of adding Arctic Refuge drilling to the unrelated appropriations bill that provides funds for the Department of Defense and relief for the states suffering from hurricane Katrina. The House leadership then pushed the bill, with Arctic Refuge drilling added, through the House of Representatives.

The bill now goes to the Senate. Please call your Senator immediately and let them know that they should do everything in their power to remove Arctic drilling provisions from the Defense Appropriations bill so that it can be passed.

Talking points are below. Phone calls are urgently needed. Even if you have never called Congress before, we ask you to do so today. And if you've called in the last few days, please do so again -- and then ask your friends and family to make calls as well.

Your Senators and their phone numbers are:

Sen. Kay Hutchison
(202) 224-5922

Sen. John Cornyn
(202) 224-2934

This maneuver, made on the brink of a holiday recess, is evidence that pro-drilling forces will go to any lengths to pass their controversial pet projects. They are willing to complicate the passage of funding for our troops and for hurricane relief to further their personal agenda.

The Senate can quickly call a halt to this pre-holiday brinksmanship and ensure passage of defense and hurricane relief funds by voting to reject the addition of Arctic Refuge drilling to this bill. There are likely to be several votes in the next few days that provide the opportunity to take the arctic drilling provisions out and move the defense and hurricane relief funding provisions expeditiously.

Talking Points for calls to your Senators:

If you've never called before, it's easy. You'll either leave a message with a staff member, or on a voice message machine. Some points to make:

  • It is outrageous that Arctic Refuge drilling has been slipped into the defense appropriations bill. This kind of legislative action is the height of cynicism and bad politics. Major national policy priorities must not be hijacked for the sake of personal political agendas.
  • Drilling proponents have shown time and again that they are willing to do or say anything to get their hands on the Arctic Refuge. Nevertheless, this takes them to a new low. It would be particularly tragic if one of our last wild places were sacrificed through such an unprincipled ploy.
  • A vote to remove the arctic drilling provision does not threaten funding for the troops, but rather is a vote to move defense funding quickly and in the normal course of business.
  • Please do everything in your power to remove this provision from the defense bill and show your constituents that these cynical, last minute maneuvers are not the way the Senate does business.


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