Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Texas Tuesday Two-fer

"Two-fer" Texas Tuesdays Update:

Apologies for the week off. Technical difficulties got the better of us, but we're back now with two candidates to profile for everyone. As usual, if you're a blogger, feel free to give the candidate some publicity on your blog. If you're not a blogger, feel free to share this email with a few dozen of your closest friends. And of course, everyone can donate to the candidates.

Mary Beth Harrell, candidate for Texas' 31st Congressional District, is the wife of a retired military officer and mother of two active-duty soldiers in the war on terrorism. She is running to restore the kind of accountability, integrity, and faith in the future the citizens of Central Texas demand – and deserve.

Recently, Mary Beth posted a must-read entry on DailyKOS upon sending her oldest son off to Iraq:
On the day the President delivered his speech to a captive audience of Naval Academy cadets, we said good-bye to our oldest boy, Rob, as he headed off for the war in Iraq. My husband, Bob, a Reagan Republican and retired Army warrant officer, was furious. He's fed up with the empty rhetoric that is sending our son to fight what we now know is a meaningless war.

My opponent, John Carter, recently called the war "a huge success." Over 2000 American soldiers killed. At least 15,000 wounded, many grievously. Over 200 billion of our tax dollars spent to invade and occupy Iraq, while the insurgency grows daily and the killing skyrockets.

I don't know one soldier who has served in Iraq - or any military family - who believes the Iraq war is a success.

Agree or disagree, one thing that Texans do deserve is a voice of those affected by the war in Iraq to be heard in the halls of Congress. We presently have the collective wisdom of the handpicked handmaidens of Craddick & DeLay heard in the Texas delegation. By helping candidates like Mary Beth Harrell get heard louder and more clearly in central Texas, we move the debate forward.
Mary Beth Harrell
for Congress

John Courage has already made his mark on the race for Texas' 21st Congressional District, going so far as to be nominated for Senator Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriot Fund as a potential recipient of a $5,000 donation to the Courage for Congress treasury. Already, John has won the endorsement as Democracy for America's Grassroots All Star.

This is a two-fer opportunity in and of itself, since can donate directly to the Courage campaign and then help them earn another five grand by showing others that Texas is the front line in the battle against Tom DeLay's Congress. Do either quickly, though ... voting ends tomorrow.
John Courage
for Congress


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