Monday, December 12, 2005

Gabe Quintanilla Bows Out of Judge Race

A week after announcing a desire to run for County Court Judge #1, former Bexar County Democratic Chair Gabe Quintanilla has decided not to run.

Here is his e-mail:

Last week, I announced that I would be seeking elective office toCounty Court Number One in the March, 2006 Democratic Primary.

This weekend, while doing research on Judge Alonso’s record, I have come to realize that the citizens of San Antonio indeed are fortunate to have a deeply religious, spiritual man in Judge Alonso. In researching his work on the Drug Court, I found a moving passage wherein Judge Alonso spoke from a deeply spiritual basis regarding his work with persons afflicted with alcohol and drug-related problems.

While I feel that I would have been a good judge, I admit that Judge Alonso’s spirituality makes the type of public servant in which we all should aspire. Please disregard my previous announcement and join with me in supporting Judge Al Alonso for another term as Judge of County Court Number One.

Gabe Quintanilla


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