Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CD 28- Richard Raymond OUT!

And then there were two?

Richard Raymond announced today that he will be seeking re-election for his state legislative seat. Raymond contends that the Supreme Court case in June or July and the failing education system in Texas dictate his return to the house. I doubt it.

This leaves Henry Cuellar and Ciro Rodriguez as the two remaining candidates for now.

The real speculation has to be one of two things. One, Raymond was number three in a three man race and the thought of being $200k in the hole (San Antonio Express-News) was too scary to deal with. Or two, the rumor is true and Victor Morales is about to run. If Morales runs, then Raymond goes from last in a three man race to dead last with no way to recoup his funds.

No matter what, this is good news for Cuellar and eh news for Rodriguez. The announcement gives Rodriguez a window to raise money as the "anybody but Cuellar" candidate, but if and when Morales announces his candidacy those hopes fly out the window. For Cuellar it eliminates the Conservative vs. Conservative/Moderate match up. The votes Raymond was going to shark were going to mostly affect Cuellar. Not anymore. If Morales gets in the races, he is going to take votes from both men, and maybe more from Rodriguez.

Rodriguez needs to hope for this to stay a re-match, and Cuellar needs hope he can keep raising money and that Morales gets in and loses in the March primary.

All of a sudden this race just got very interesting...


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Joe Morales said...

This could be a fun race to watch since Victor has been working the district since the beginning of the year and speaking at all area schools as a motivational speaker since summer. During this time he has been asking regular folks (not politicos) what their thoughts are on a variety of issues as it relates to their representative and the nation. He is still well known from his Senate races, in which his support in South Texas was overwhelming. People still know him by a variety of ways,(white pickup truck, teacher, being the first minority to win either the gov or senate nomination of a major political party in the history of Texas, or by his refusal to run anybody's race but his own.(certainly not The Party's, PAC's, or other special Interests. He couldn't and can't be bought by anyone, except the ordinary voter who he was running for. How do I know these things? I'm his brother and I live in Pleasanton and work the entire South Texas area from Austin on south and talk to people everday. The family is also from this area.
Joe Morales


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