Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank You TDP

Amber Moon, Communications Director
Hector Nieto, Deputy Communications Director
Texas Democratic Party
707 Rio Grande Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Dear Amber and Hector:

Over the past few months, you have done tremendous work to bring the Texas Democratic Party and the surging Texas netroots community together.

Specifically, we want to commend you for the accommodations you provided at the recently completed Texas Democratic Party Convention in Fort Worth. From the front row seating to free wi-fi access, you gave us tremendous access to an excellent convention. Most importantly, you treated us with the same respect you gave our older step-parents, the traditional media.

The Texas blogging community may not be the classiest bunch of folks, nor the best looking. We don't write for major dailies, and we can't guarantee thousand dollar checks. We do, however, work tirelessly -- as volunteers, as activists, as organizers, and as bloggers -- to fight for the candidates and the people of our Texas Democratic Party.

Thanks, again, for all the work you did helping make the 2006 TDP convention a success, and we are eager to continue working together to help move Texas forward.


The Texas Progressive Democratic Webloggers

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Rep. Aaron Pena

The Agonist
Sean-Paul Kelley


Brains and Eggs
Perry Dorrell
Burnt Orange Report
Karl-Thomas Musselman, et. all

Capitol Annex
Vince Leibowitz
Common Sense
Nathan Nance

Dos Centavos
Stace Meddelin

Eye on Williamson County
wcnews and dembones

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Matt Glazer

Marc's Miscellany
Marc Gault

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Martha Griffin

Off the Kuff
Charles Kuffner

The Red State
M. Eddie Rodriguez

Texas Kos

CC: Boyd Richie, Chairman, Texas Democratic Party
Ruben Hernandez, Executive Director, Texas Democratic Party


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