Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday New Round Up

The Trans Texas Corridor is an enigma to some and a problem to most. The recent legal and community problems facing the Republican pushed Trans-Texas Corridor has so far derailed the development. The development contracts have been canceled for further studies.

However, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) thinks that they will be able to get the project back on track in the near future. If you oppose this project, like I do, you stay vocal and keep organizing.

There is an immigration showdown in DC as Lamar Smith is a leading advocate to build an 1800 mile fence along the border and spend $1 Trillion (yes with a “t”) to complete this project. This is an idea Senator John McCain, President George Bush, and even Secretary of State Condi Rice disagree with. I guess if you aren’t going to live in your district, you will have ideas this far out of the mainstream.

Jamie Castillo talks about the new shape of politics in San Antonio in the Express-News and Russ Feingold has leapt into the national spotlight by doing what is right—calling for a censure of the Presidents illegal wiretapping.