Friday, March 24, 2006

Dick Cheney Makes Demands

If you have worked on a campaign as either a volunteer or staffer, you have most likely done some advance work. The Advance Team is the group of people that either get to a town or city first and make sure all of the a candidates needs are met or it is the team of people that puts together an event like a press conference or fundraiser.

Usually the former is pretty standard- toothbrush, phone, no big deal.

Some how The Smoking Gun was able to get their hands on Dick Cheney's advance demands. Not to much our of the ordinary, except he demands that Fox News is on when he walks into his room, and that the room is set to a chilling 68 degrees.

The best part is the stipulation that the hotel is allowed to leave gifts for Mr Cheney. I am sure they will be happy to leave a shotgun for the marksman.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Demosthenes said...

I expect no less from the very model of a modern political supervillain.


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