Wednesday, March 29, 2006

John Courage: "Why do we need a wall?"

(John Courage is running against Lamar Smith in Congressional District 21, and has been kind enough to write a piece on how Lamar Smith's policies aren't even accepted by his own party. We all know how Smith is wrong, but Courage gives us some more details. For more information about the Courage campaign, visit his website and sign up for his updates.)

My opponent Lamar Smith (R) was noted in a recent Austin American Statesman news article as supporting the proposed “wall” or system of double barrier fences across Texas’ 1200 mile border with Mexico. Smith was one of the cosponsors and strong supporters of the legislation. Smith however recently stated:

Texas has worked with the federal government’s border security entities, collaborated with Mexico and Central America, and created a “smart” border – using advanced technology, multidisciplinary research and communication.”

In light of this statement why does Rep. Smith continue to push for a wall between Texas and Mexico?

In fact Representative Smith is out of touch with most Texans along the border as shown in a recent El Paso Times/ABC Poll that found that close to 57 percent of habitual voters opposed the construction of two layers of reinforced fencing with lights, cameras and sensors -- which many critics are calling a wall.

He is also out of touch with numerous other Texas Republican members of Congress like Sen. John Cornyn, who has emphasized a "virtual border" over a physical barrier and Republican Rep. Michael McCaul of Austin also said he favors greater use of technology to monitor the border, rather than relying on barricades.

Smith also appears to be out of touch with his own party's President. In the same article it is noted, “President Bush has endorsed a guest worker program, an idea that has some support in Congress but is facing stiff resistance from members such as Smith who support tougher border control efforts.”

It is time to elect a leader that understands the district. Smith has shown time and again that he is willing to vote against families, small businesses, and Texas even if his own party does not support him.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Right Of Texas said...

4.7 Billion Dollars

That is the price tag Texans pay for Illegals.

We need the wall.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

I wish I could find the audio clip, but I can't... anyway...

Robert Reich said it best today, what we need is more enforcement of current border policy and improvement on funding and real disincentives to cross the border illegally.

We don’t and the Coyotes that bring people over illegally make money to bring people over because people are willing to pay it. Why? Because there are no disincentives for employers to higher illegal workers and there is no disincentive to be caught at the border if you crossing illegally because of catch and release policies.

The policy is broken, no doubt, but why would a Congressman do something his own state overwhelmingly disapproves of? If someone were to get 57% in an election we would call it a landslide, but Smith doesn’t care how the people of Texas or his own party feel.

To me, that is the definition of out of touch.


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