Friday, February 24, 2006

Recall Efforts Start in San Antonio District 7

Express News has the story.

Allen Ellebracht told the council, "Because of your inaction, I'm officially calling for a recall petition. I am ready to roll and recall."

But District 7 constituents who showed up said Guajardo had done for them what past representatives failed to do.

"Elena has opened the district office every Tuesday for her constituents to come out and meet with her," resident Ted Guerra said.

After a coalition of District 7 neighborhood association presidents spoke of their support, the group moved to Main Plaza, where Guajardo thanked them for their support.

"We are a beautiful city and we don't need to be divided," Guajardo said.

Background on the recall is here, the most heated debate is going on here, and Guajardo's support can be seen here.


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