Sunday, September 25, 2005

Campus Alliance Against Inequality

Here is a great new site for the student group in Austin for No Nonsense In November. Check it out!

Greg has this to say about the Houston perspective.

Here is some words from the city about how bad this amendment is and how unneccesary it is to write hate into our states Bill of Rights.

San Antonio Express-News

Eager to discriminate

I was shocked when I read about Gov. Rick Perry having closed-door meetings all over Texas with ministers and other representatives of "large" churches to obtain their vote for the marriage amendment ("Perry, pastors push gay marriage ban," Sept. 11).

This country was formed on the basis of separation of church and state, and I have to wonder how many people have forgotten that. This amendment is not about same-sex relationships; it is about writing discrimination into the Texas Constitution, and I'm wondering how many people have yet to understand that.

There are many laws affecting heterosexual couples who are cohabitating that will be down the drain if this passes — hopefully, those people will read the verbiage and vote no.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community is no threat to anyone, anywhere; it is already against the law for same-gender couples to marry, so why write discrimination into the constitution?

I am a person of faith who attends church on a regular basis and am very proud that my church welcomes all people.

I applaud the Express-News for telling this story about Perry. I wonder why he is so eager to discriminate. I wonder who's putting money in his back pocket.

— Marilyn Graham

Stop condemning gays

As a retired Christian minister I find it appalling that so many pastors have been duped into believing this was a biblical issue with Gov. Rick Perry. They should be aware that the great prophets of ancient times were highly critical of the young prophets who pandered to the politicians and told kings what they wanted to hear. We still need courageous prophets who speak the truth to authorities and call them to justice.

Some of these pastors are appealing to "God's word" in relation to homosexuality. The Bible reflects social and cultural practices of ancient times.

The messages of the Bible, while inspired in many cases, were still sifted through human minds and were not infallible. They were written by humans searching for the mysteries of the holy.

The term "homosexuality," or the knowledge of its being a sexual orientation, what a person is, was unknown in biblical times. Just as we now realize, for example, that epilepsy is not a result of sin, we now know homosexuality is not a disorder.

It is long past time for us spiritual leaders to call for righteousness and stop condemning gay people.

— Dan Adams, retired United Methodist minister

Shouldn't exclude press

The central concern with the anti-gay-marriage amendment to the state constitution should really be the separating of church and state.

Something is very radically wrong when the press is prevented from attending meetings between religious and political leaders. The word "liberty" is used in the Declaration of Independence.

— Brian Kelly


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