Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Over a year ago in August I watched a movie called Bush's Brain. This is an interesting examination on Karl Rove and his strategy of usurping power in Texas politics and using George W. Bush to garner more influence in Texas and nationally.

The interesting thing is that over a year ago, James C. Moore wrote and examined Karl Rove as Robert Novak’s leak in a story outing a CIA operative. Much like Whitewater during the Clinton presidency, this has taken a few years to gain traction.

American Progress Action Fund has this to say:

Rove identified Valerie Plame as "Wilson's wife." Under section 421 of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act the disclosure of "any information identifying [a] covert agent" is illegal. Second, Rove's lawyer is undermining the distinction between naming and identifying Plame as too legalistic and a minor detail. Third, Rove insisted on speaking to Cooper only on "double super secret background." As Andrew Sullivan notes, "Why would Rove have insisted on such a super-tight confidentiality standard if he was not aware that he was divulging something he truly shouldn't divulge?" Fourth, as Joe Wilson himself has indicated, his wife goes by Mrs. Wilson, so it would have been clear who Rove was talking about (and Rove attended the same church as the Wilson family, indicating he may know more about Plame than he's letting on)

It seems as though Rove has done something wrong, no matter what some want to say. Ironically, Bush and Press Secretary Scott McClellan have both said that at the very least the leak would be fired. Of course, Monday McClellan started back tracking this statement as soon as it was confirmed that Rove was the leak.

Most shocking is that Bush is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Today Bush has started dodging direct questions about Rove, Rove's involvement in this situation, and most importantly what will happen to Rove in this administration. (Check these two separate AP stories out). At the same time he is keeping Rove close to his side and subsequently close to the information he has been leaking. This seems like a conflict of interest during an on going investigation, not to say a stupid idea.

I am not at the point were I am advocating for impeachment, but I can say that I am appalled by the fact that this administration is supporting Rove and standing by as Judith Miller protects her source (most likely Rove or a Bush administration official). This is quickly turning into an ugly mess, and something ugly is going to happen very soon.


At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Elena said...

oh i think i have seen that movie.

i enjoyed it and it was very interesting but it was really scary.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Matt Glazer said...

another good one is Hijacking Catastrophe


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